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Responsive Design Keeps You Ahead of the Pack

Have you tried to use a website while on your mobile phone and found it very difficult to read and navigate? It can be very frustrating. Usually this frustration is due to the poor design of the site. In today’s world your website should work well on your desktops, phone and tablet and the way to do that is through ‘responsive design’.


5 Ways Great Web Design to Increase Traffic To WebSite

Why do some websites get more traffic than others? Often a site can lack traffic due to its poor design. A well designed website will not only look great, but it is highly functional and communicates to search engines. Here are 5 Ways Great Web Design Can Increase Traffic To Your Site and help you get the results that you expect.


Changing Hosting Companies

There are many, many website hosting companies, some good and some bad. Unfortunately for a business owner sometimes you don’t spend enough time checking out the hosting company and comparing plans. You may be experiencing any one of the problems below and realize that it’s time for change. At SWCHost we work to protect your website and ensure that it is always up and running and ready to work for you.


What is Search Engine Optimization

If you are a plumber you know how to repipe a house and fix a broken toilet. if you are cardiologist you can save people’s lives using your expert knowledge. If you are a mechanic you can sometimes even tell what is wrong with a car by just hearing the sounds that it makes. Almost all of us specialize in something. At SWCHost we are not plumbers, doctors or mechanics, we are SEO Specialists.

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