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At Swc Host we are always looking for ways that can help us run our business efficiently and when we find something that works we like to share it with our clients. is just such a product.

One of the biggest complaints we hear from our Swc Host clients is that they are unhappy with the credit card and payment processors that they use in their daily business transactions. Often they find the process unreliable and this affects their ability to give their customers the level of service that their business demands. offers reliable and trusted payment solutions. is a payment gateway that is secure and does the job with an infrastructure that is fast and designed to make each transaction run smoothly. is available 24/7 and it protects you and your customer from fraud.

This is a browser-based, hosted solution that does not require any software download. Instead of using a credit card machine and your phone line, takes advantage of modern technologies and processes your transactions online. This allows you more flexibility and you can tailor your account to meet your business’ needs.

You can trust

Whether a payment comes through the mail, over the phone or online, has you covered. The interface is easy to use and navigate.

If you would like to discuss if is right for you, please contact us at Swc Host and we will help you see how this product can benefit your business. As a reseller, we have a relationship with with and we can offer you solutions that will fit our clients needs.

Swc Host offers a full line of services that help our clients process payments. As a merchant provider we provide on-site payment gateways that connect to credit card processing solutions to make any transactions on your website run smoothly while providing the highest level of customer service.

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