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What is Search Engine Optimization

At SWCHost we use our extensive knowledge and understanding of current trends to create websites that will help our clients reach their goals. But it always helps for you to have some understanding of how we do this so that you feel comfortable in knowing that SWCHost are dedicated to your website’s success.

1. What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the science of maximizing the amount of visitors that can find your website through the various search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, as well as others. Your site must be designed in a way that is “attractive” to the search engines and they also need to find it easy to navigate and the content should be of high quality. There are many ways that SEO is accomplished throughout your site. At SWCHost we take into account proper keywording, intuitive navigation, responsive design, quality content and much more to ensure that your website performs beautifully.

2. Why Does SEO Matter?

If your site is optimized so a search engine is able to find the information that it is looking for quickly and with ease, the higher you will move up in page rankings. Imagine that a customer is new to the area and needs a plumber, they will probably look on the internet to find one. If your site is properly optimized you will be one of the first plumbers, in your area, that shows up in an online search. If you have not used common SEO techniques you could be pages behind your competition and this new customer will probably never find you.

3. What Are "Keywords" and Why Are They Important?

Keywords are words and phrases that are typed into a search box when a user is looking for something in particular. Let’s go back to our new neighbor who is trying to find a plumber. She may type in “plumber in Orlando” or “24 hour plumber in Orlando” or “plumber reviews in Orlando”. Those are all keyword phrases that can help the search engine understand what the user is looking for. If these keywords are used in the copy of your website, in page titles, descriptions and headings as well as being associated with the graphics on your site, the search engine will readily find the site.

4. How Can My Website Design Improve My Site’s SEO?

Behind the scenes of your website design there are many intricate details that when working properly are imperative to creating strong SEO for your site. The structure of the site itself should not only be user-friendly but it should be mapped out in a way that search engines understand where to find the right pages. images need to be defined, sized and placed in a way as to not interfere with search methods. One key element that has become vital in today’s web design is making sure that the site is responsive across most digital devices. If your site does not display well it will move down in rankings.

5. Is The Content On My Site Important?

Yes, and it is becoming more important as the search engines get smarter and more effective. Today’s search engines are able to put the content into context as well as recognize key words. The algorithms that are being used today are more dynamic can complex than ever and at SWCHost you can be assured that we understand the challenges and stay up-to-date on the latest SEO techniques.

When it comes to website design you need an expert. Let our team at SWCHost create a site that is powered by effective SEO while you go back to what you do the best, running your successful business.

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