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Changing Hosting Companies

You Need To Change Hosting Companies If...

1. Your Site Is Slow

In today’s fast paced world a slow website is unacceptable. Consumer’s are looking to the internet first before making any buying decisions and if your site is slow to load and hard to use then they will go onto someone else’s website and buy from them. At SWCHost we make sure that our servers are working at optimum levels to provide you with a fast, seamless website that attracts and retains visitors.

2. Your Site Crashes

Imagine it’s the holidays and time for your big annual sale. Will your website be able to handle the additional incoming traffic? If your site crashes it will cost you in lost sales and unhappy customers. We know that this is not a risk that you want to take. The experts at SWCHost monitor our servers to recognize extensive traffic and to respond accordingly.

3. Poor Customer Service

Often hosting companies outsource customer service from around the globe and offer their customers canned responses to their hosting problems. Not at. SWCHost, we believe that our customers deserve great treatment and that means that we will answer your questions and work with you to find solutions to your hosting needs. We provide excellent customer service from highly trained technicians that know what to do should you have a hosting issue.

4. You’re Paying Too Much

Compare the SWCHost hosting plans with your current web host and you will see that side-by-side we offer more benefits, for less money and with our promise of reliability..

5. You’ve Been Hacked

If your data has ever been compromised you know that this is a scary situation. Almost all businesses keep confidential information about their business and customer accounts on their company computers. A breach in security can jeopardize these records and ruin your business’ reputation and as well as cause damage to your systems. Our security tools and proven methods protect your data and keep your website safe.

There are many reasons that you should switch to SWCHost for your hosting solutions, such as affordability, our advanced security protections and state-of-the-art equipment. But the number one reason you should switch to SWCHost is to enjoy unparalleled support from our dedicated team of professionals.

Call us today to discuss which SWCHost hosting plan is right for you.

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