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Responsive Design Keeps You Ahead of the Pack
Responsive Design

Have you tried to use a website while on your mobile phone and found it very difficult to read and navigate? It can be very frustrating. Usually this frustration is due to the poor design of the site. In today’s world your website should work well on your desktops, phone and tablet and the way to do that is through ‘responsive design’.

What is responsive design?

A responsive design, stated simply, responds to its environment. At SWC Host we use a multiple fluid grid layout which creates a website that automatically adjusts itself for various screen sizes. Nowadays, people access websites from many different kinds of devices and with each device the screen space varies. Responsive design provides optimal viewing with a minimum of resizing, panning and scrolling. This creates a clean, easy to navigate interface across all screen sizes.

Why is responsive design important?

According to Pew Research, 63% of adult cell owners use their phones to go online. At SWC Host, we expect that number to continue to rise. If visitors to your website are becoming frustrated as they try to use the site on a cell phone screen, they will click away and probably go to a competitor’s site that is easier to use. Maybe you think that isn’t a big deal, but when you consider that 69% of tablet users shopped online in the last 30 days, it’s easy to see why responsive design is important. If you do not use responsive design on your website you will see reduced conversion rates and that means you are losing sales!

My site does not work well on all devices. What should I do?

Honestly, you probably need a site redesign. If you have an older site that makes it difficult for your customers to easily access the information that they need, it’s time for an update. Every day that you put this off, costs you in lost sales. At SWC Host we offer a web design package that includes responsive design so that your site always looks gorgeous. Whether you need a brand new site or a redesign SWC Host can help you stay ahead of the competition and provide your customers with a great user experience.

Contact the web professionals today at SWC Host. We will create a site for you that meets your needs and your budget!

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